City life certainly differs from country life.Some peple cannot even imagine living without the excitement and rush that a big city offers.They claim that they never get bored and that is the best possible life-style.But is it reslly?
Certainly there are many advantages of life in a city.There are many shops,department stores and supermarkets so you can do your shopping easily and comfortably.There is a great choice of goods of every kind and everybody can find something that satisfies his taste.The shops are open until late so you do not have to worry that you will not come before closing time.
There is an easy access to entertainment in a big city.You can choos from numerous cinemas,theatres and discos.If you prefer something more private you can go to a restaurant,pub or cafe with a group of friends or just for romantic date.Art lovers can enjoy visiting interesting museum,exhibitions or galleries.And finally there are alweys concerts going on in various parts of the city centre for those who are crazy about music.
Children who grow up in a city have far better chances of getting a proper education and of developing their interests.They can find many workshops where various skills are practised - from learning music or foreing languages to sculpturing or horse riding.They can borrow books from numerous libraries ore attend meeting with famous people.Life is never boring for them.
Young people brought up in a big city have much better career prospects.Jobs in big cities are usually very well paid and there is a great selection of job offers.Youngsters can change their jobs more easily when they are not satisfied with them or when they want a higher salary.Finally,through various courses.This again gives them better job prospects.
Life in big city is also much easier for elderly people.They have better access to medical help and care.Shops and pharmacies are close enough even for those who are hardly able to walk.There are many organisations which can help them in times of trouble and many neighbours around willing to give a hand.
Yet a big city can also have many disadvantages.The air is very polluted because of the great number of cars and traffic jams.There are few plants in the city and in order to get into contact with nature you have to drive a long way.The streets are very busy and there is a lot of noise everywhere.
There are crowds of people everywhere and you can never be alone.Very often you have to wait for something you want because many other people want it,too.Therefore there are queues in shops,banks,petrol stations,etc.Public transport is very crowded,especially in the rush hour.Despite the big number of people around you can be quite lonely and alienated when you need help.
Living in a big city can be also dangerous.There are many car accidents because streets are very busy.They are caused either by poor or drunken drivers or by careless passers-by.The number of criminals is also bigger in big cities.The crime rate is higher and higher.People are afraid of robberies and violence.In some districts it is dangerous to go out after dark and people never feel safe.Drugs too are a threat.It is much easier to buy them in big cities and many young people become addicted.
City life is more expensive.Prices are higher and you have to be rich to buy a flat or a house.For many people their own house is only a dream and they can never afford it.You can even find people who do not have a place to live and are homeless.
Whichever you choos,the city or the country,you will always have to cope with everyday problems and you will have to learn how to deal with them.

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