Last summer, my family won a travel competition. The prize was a holiday to Brittany was brilliant. We were on the ship for hours. At first the sea was exciting, but then it became boring. My sister and I read a book about France. I tried to speak French in Brittany. It was fun. We practised saying "Bonjour" - it's French for "Hello" - and asking for things in French. It was really difficult because we don't study French at school. We only study German.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have been planning holidays with my parents for a long time. My dream was to go for a trip to Turkey. Last July, my dream came true. We went to a travel agency and it appeared that there was a cheap trip to Turkey for two weeks. We packed some stuff into a suitcase quickly and went to the airport. The flight lasted two hours. Turkey greeted us with beautiful weather. We found accomodation in a hotel and then we went to the beach. People were very hospitable and cultured there. The next day, we drove to Istanbul in order to visit its Asian and European part. Hagia Sophia made a great impression on me. On the third day, we visited the Troy ruins. The rest of our time, that was eleven days, I spent on lounging around, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, reading books and playing football. The weather was wonderful. It was really hard to return home. I hope that I will come back there one day.

takie może być. ?? xd
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