I usually wake up at 7 oclock everyday. I quickly make my bed and go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and brush my teeth with a toothbrush then I carefully comb my long hair. I put my clothes on and I am ready to have some breakfast. I uusally have yoghut, a ham sandwich and a cup of hot tea. I leave the house together with my brother who picks me up to my school everyday. We are almost always in a rush and I hardly manage to get there on time. I usually spend six hours at school and come back home. I eat me dinner hungrily and I do my homework if there is any. at five my parents are back from work so we rest for a while, usulayy in a front of TV. In the evening I have a supper, shower and about half an hour I read a book in my bed then I fall asleep.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
As everybody know, the school started, so my day is not so interesting.
I get up early in the morning I dress up, eat brekfast. Then I go to the garage, where is my bike. I ride to school about 20 minutes. What about buses? I earely use them, becuse they waste my time and money.
When I am at school I have to sit there until 3 o'clock (from 8). For me it's boring. You have to sit, listen and write. Sometimes you go to the answer or write exam.
So I am at home, and what? And I eat dinner of course :)
Then I rest for about one hour and it is time to do homework and study. Usually it goes easy and in the evening I have time to go out with my friends. But if not, I go for a small walk with my dog.
Before the sleep I take a shower, surf the Internet and chat with friends for a while, and about 11 p.m I start to dream.
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