Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
O duchach? :o

My parents bought a haunted house in German and one day, I saw two ghost.
I was in my bed, when I saw them. First, I saw a woman. She was sitting on the chair next to my bed.Naxt five minutes, and I saw a man! He was sitting near woman. They weren't sad, but they weren't happy too. I spoke to them, byt they didn't answer me. And I didn't see them...They disappeared.
The next three days, I read some storys at the library. Many years ago, a boy and girl live in our hause. The parents died, and thier son stayed in the house with his uncle. I often see the ghost, but i never frightened.
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Together with friends I have gone under tents for wood.
We heard strange whispers already first night. Anybody called magda. I have seen early, that circle of our tent was dug out this name on tree exactly. I have informed later, that boy has been hung on branch 50 year ago local. It has made, for it as it has covered girl on betrayal. Now tree calls year case magda. :)