Dear Santa Claus bring me in this year under the christmas tree only cool presents. The best if it will be something nice. A lot of sweets and chocolate and a gum Turbo because i miss it and i can't buy it enyvhere on the settlement. I'd like a lot a huge plastic solider NATO with USA. gun and laser hind-sight, or Trnsforers, but those original not that fake thet you bring me last year. The sweets you could buy in shop not on the bazaar, because they stink later and i can't eat them. Eaven my younger sister coulden't eat them (she eat everything, my parents say that). And you could bring me new computer, because on that i can't eaven play Medal of Honor. (o kompie neichcialo mi sie pisac bo to bełkot techniczny) Please don;t bring me that X-Box from Microsoft because all of my friends have Playstation and they will laugh of me. Cou can throw some white milka with the shooting something inside and some nuts.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Santa Claus!!

The holidays of Christmas approach and obviously time of Your visits.
I write to You this and letter and I know, it with it will be You easily to execute my wishes.
Would want to the poor children who would not have what to eat he brought even if the slice of dry bread and the glass of milk,to though in this day on their faces the smile appeared.
Permit to see the world covered with white petals of snow blind children,and this which they want to run,and they can not,to they could run about with different children together.
This which they do not hear,permit to hear warm words full loves.Ask You about room also on the The ground about end of wars which are on this world,to the enemies became the friends,to they be pleased with their rises together and they passed me the helpful palm,when they fall.
To what they want very to go to school,and they can not,give longed-for books,to they could learn and to bring one's parents even if from their degrees.
What then Holy Nicolaus world would be beautiful.Every would be to please,because he would do this what about what he dreamt,and second would have this what so very again they desire.
I do not ask You about material things,because they are not me necessary to full moon of happiness,only this what saw in different men,that is joy,smile,satisfaction with everyday life.