Na szybko :) Odpowiedz na pyt po ang
1.How old are you ? Are you eightenn ?
2.How much did the last thing you bought cost?
3.What time do you usually go to bed?
4.How many films have you seen this year? More than ten?
5.When did you last go to a party? Two weeks ago?
6.Who is your favourite singer?
7.What do you prefer, doing sports or relaxing at home?
8.How often do you usually meet your friends? More than twice a week ?
9. What did you do last night?
10.Why are you studying ? Is it for your exam ?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I am not eighteen yet. I am seventeen years old.
2. It costed 3$, it was hamburger.
3. During work days it's about 10 p.m., and at weekends sometimes even 1 a.m.
4. No, I've only seen 4 movies, I am not watching tv.
5. No, It was earlier, I think I was on the party last Saturday.
6. My favourite singer is Michael Jackson.
7. I prefer staying at home, and playing computer games.
8. I meet them every day, at weekends even more often.
9. I was sleeping at my home.
10. No it's not for exam, I am just practising my english.
1.i am 18 years old.
2.the last thing that i bought did cost 20 pounds.
3.i go to bed usually at 20 o'clock
4.i have seen more then 10 films in this year
5.i did last go to a party one week ago favorite singer is Ewa Farna
7.i prefer relaxing at home
8.i meet my friends usually every day
9.i did play a computer games last night
10.i am studying for my exam