Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- I feel sick.
- Describe the symptoms
- I got the temperature and the bad cough
-How long has this been going on?
- For two days.
- Can I listen your chest? I think you have got an infection. I prescribe some medicine/antybiotics.
- Will I get better soon?
- Take the tablets/pills three times a day after meals
-Thank you
-You should keep warm and get plenty on rest. If you are feeling better in a week from now come and see me again.
-Thank you doctor. Goodbay.
Jeżeli w formie monologu to miało być to proszę:

Hello doctor. From few days I'm felling really bad. I've got head aches from 2 days, stomach really hurting me. Yesterday I had high tempreature. How doctor think? It's can be something serious?

jeżeli w formie dialogu:
M-me (w sensie Ty;P)

D: please, come in.
M- Good Morning (albo Good Afternoon- po godzinie 12)!
D: Good Morning! So what's wrong with You?
M: I think I can be sick.
D: Let's see. Is anything hurts you?
M: Yes, I've got head aches.
D: From how long?
M: Maybe... three or four days. My stomach really hurts me, too.
D: Has you got a menstruation?
M: Yes, but I've never had head aches and stomach aches!
D: That's really normal. One day you can feel great, but next You are "dieing". I can write recipe for tablets. Maybe after it You feel better.
M: Thank You very much, Doctor.
D: You're welcome.
M: Goodbye!
D: Goodbye!