1.Odpowiedz na pytania:(oczywiście po angielsku)
how much time do young people in poland spend watching tv a week?
what sort of programmesare popular in the poland?
what percentage of peoplehave a television in poland?
which are the most popular types of satellite channels?
2.wymyśl jakiś program telewizyjny i opisz go
3.napisz program telewizyjny jakiejś wymyślonej stacji



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Young peoplein poland spend a lot of time in front of tv screens.
2.The most popular programs in poland are (tu te programy)
3.Television is very popular in Poland, of about x% of people, have their own tv.
4. The most of tv programs are sport channels of course, people love watching football, basketball, unfortunately only on tv screen.

MCh is program about music. here you can watch the erlyer clips of Michael Jakcson or Justin Timberlake. We started our program nearly 3 years ago and it won many prises.

8.00-9.30- Michael Jackson before dead
9.30-10.00-What`s up ?
10.00-11.00-What is new in Hollywood?
11.00-12.00- Girls of the Playboy Mansion
12.00-14.00- Is it real?"Who killed Marylin Monroe?

I dalej jeszcze może ktoś inny wymyśli ;))
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Young peopel in Poland spend many hours on watching tv.Medium time on a week is 3-5 hours.Popular programmes in Poland are music programs especially VIVA,MTV and funny films about young people. The most popular satellite channels are like I said before MTV,VIVA OR TVN.
It can be program about important polish people. They ave big success in the world but they are unknown in Poland. Program could shows their way to fame, their lifestyle etc.
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1) Young people wathing a lot of TV, I thing it is 50 hours in a week.
2) The most popular program in Poland are Miloners and a lot of serials.
3) I thing it is about 40 percentage.
4) Most popular television in poland are TVN and TVP.
5) Mles-this is program about fighting on a street. Young people fighting about their live. The special person in This program in Jacki Chan.
8.00-9.00 - Morning fight about dinner.
9.00-11.25 - Jackie lerning fight
11.25-13.45 - Film with our favorite person - "Enter of dragon"
13.45-15.00 - young men fighting, who is the best?
15.00-17.25 - Special visitor - master San Jin Go
17.25-19.00 - restling on live
19.00-00.00 - maraton of films with jackie chan
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