Christmas is celebrated on 24 and 25 December. Children get gifts from Santa Claus. On christmas table should be 12 dishes like fish, borsch, mushroom's soup. At 24 o clock it is the shepherdess, and then people sing some carols. Most of people like this time and celebrate it with joy.

Tłumaczenie na polski:
swięta są obchodzone 24 i 25 grudnia. dzieci dostają prezenty od swietego mikołaja. Na wigilijnym stole powinno byc 12 potraw takich jak ryba, barszcz, zupa grzybowa. O 24 jest pasterka, i wtedy ludzie śpiewają kolędy. Większość ludzi lubi świąteczny czas i obchodzi go z radością.
The basic custom of Christmas is a Christmas tree dressing. Sure each of us doing it with great enthusiasm and pleasure, and when the tree is ready, light a lamp and enthusiasm we look at the glow in peace and quiet. But what may be a common tree with the birth of Christ? But the Bible reveals a shocking truth on Christmas. Here is what the prophet Jeremiah wrote:
On Christmas Eve solemnly prepare Christmas dinner table. Under the tree are no longer gifts from Santa Claus and the children watched for the first stars in the sky, because as soon as they want to sit at the table, try each of the 12 traditional dishes and as soon as possible to open presents.

On Christmas Eve, do not forget about the people who do not have homes, families. Therefore, in every house on every table there is one free cover, which is waiting just for one of those people.

Of course, before you sit down at the table, a very important tradition is to share the wafer. The family members wish the best. The cheeks of our tears flow, because it is more sacred in our lives spent together in the family circle.

After dinner, Christmas Eve, after opening presents, whole families go to Midnight Mass solemn. Because Christ is born and then we all want to be closer to him.

For Christmas is a very distinctive atmosphere of warmth and goodness that comes from the heart of every man. People are extremely nice for yourself, you can see at this time that everyone loves his fellow man. Vanishes somewhere in hatred and anger. We want to welcome Christ with a clear conscience, the soul. Unpleasant, however, is such that we can be for myself, unfortunately, only on holidays. Worth would consider whether it would be so all the time.
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