Opowiadanie po angielsku minimum 100 słów. scena dzieje się gdy jest burza i mężczyzna wraca do domu z pracy nagle słyszy głośny hałas bierze parasol i otwiera drzwi od kuchni a tam kot sąsiadów chodzi po stole i to był ten co robił hałas. opowiadanie z dialogiem.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a very cold and stormy evening when I was coming back home from work. I was really exhausted. When I opened the door I heard the noise inside of the house. It was strange as I live alone. Because of my fear I grabbed the umbrella in the hall. I thought it could help me to protect myself from a burglar or anyone dangerous. I yelled:
- Is anyone there?
As nobody answered I slowly went to the kitchen. The noise did not stopped so my fear was growing. With my shaking hand I opened the kitchen door and with my half – closed eyes I saw a cat that was walking on the table making that terrible noise. I was confused and shocked and one time.
- I am terribly sorry – my neighbor, the owner of the cat was apologizing me after all.
- Nothing to be sorry about. It is just a cat – I was trying to pretend that I was not scared at all.
- I was happy to saw your cat in my kitchen rather than a burglar – I calmed down myself.
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