1.Uzupełnij drugie zdanie tak,aby znaczylo to samo co pierwsze.

a) It isnt a good idea for you to caryy lots of money.
- You should ________________________________________.
b)Fiat is cheaper than Porsche.
- Porsche is ________________________________________.
c)The carnival in Rio is more popular than in Venice.
- The carnival in Venice ______________________________.
d)Some people really hate doing puzzles.
-Some people really can't______________________________.
e)This isn't her watch. She's got a silver one.
- This watch________________________________________.
She's got a silver one.
f) His favourite activity is chatting online.
-He enjoys_________________________________________.

2.Napisz pytania do poniższych odpowiedzi.

I'm a high school student.
I live in Wrocław in a small house.
I love playing football and reading sci-fi books.
I'm good at Mathematics and Biology.
My girlfriend loves cycling the best.
At the moment we're getting ready for a bike-trip.
Yes,they are ours. The are new bike - our Christmas presents!

3. Wstaw odpowiednie czasowniki.

a. A lot of my friends____________ aerobics.
b. Pickpockets ___________ things from people's bags.
c. You must always _________________ the truth.
d. Remember to _______________ a wish when you blow the candles on your birthday cake.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
a)You should save money.
b)Porsche is more expensive than Fiat
c)The carnival in Vence is not more popular than carnival in Rio.
d)Some people really can't doing puzzles.
e)This watch is silver.She's got a silver one.
f)He enjoys to chatting online.

a)Tego pierwszego nie wiem:(
b)Where you live?
c)What are you doing in free time?
d)In which objecst you are good?
e)What your girl love?
f)What you are doing now?
g)What present you have obtained under christmas tree?

a. A lot of my friends do aerobics.
b. Pickpockets are things from people's bags.
c. You must always tell the truth.
d. Remember to do a wish when you blow the candles on your birthday cake.