Prosiłabym o definicje (napisane po angielsku!) tych słówek:
a criminal
a witness
a sentence
a trial
a judge
a ransom
a burglar
a thief
a jury
a reward
a suspect
a mugger
an offence



A criminal-common use of the person who made the assassination

a witness-in procedural law a person appointed by the body conducting the proceedings to give evidence. Witness is a source of evidence, but proof may be his testimony.

manslaughter- conscious, intentional conduct resulting in the death of another person.

a sentence- in linguistics, this term means to communicate to the termination of any content.

a trial- can be termed as more do so who had no finale

kidnappingit- is the abduction of someone without her consent, where the hijacker can get a ransom

speeding- Vector physical quantity expressing the change in velocity over time.

arrest- most repressive preventive measures used against the suspect or accused in criminal proceedings, which is to embed it in a fixed location (remand), in isolation from the outside world.

a judge- a public official empowered to rule on matters within the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals, on the principles of independence and impartiality.

a ransom- tangible property transferred in exchange for the redemption of an object or person-held unlawfully.

murder- common use of the person who made, at intervals of at least three murders.

a burglar- person entered into any facility without the consent or knowledge of the person holding the object

a thief- is the person receiving the things someone else without their knowledge

a jury- derives from French meaning a team of arbitrators who do not have to be experts, appointed in connection with the carrying out of the competition. Members of the jury that the jurors

a reward- Depend on it for us by another person

a suspect- person against whom the order was issued on the statement of objections

fraud- offense involving another person in bringing about the negative regulation property of yours or someone else using it in error or exploiting the bug, or inability to proper understanding of entrepreneurial activities in order to achieve financial gain.

a mugger- Gunman involved in robbery

an offence- on the basis of Polish criminal law is an act of man offense as a crime or offense, the criminal law in force at the time of its commission, unlawful, harmful fault and socially stronger than negligible.

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