Last summer my friends and I were on the camp at the seaside. We spent there marvelous time playing volleyball on the beach and swimming in the sea. One sunny day we were walking on the beach. It was stiflingly hot so I went to the shop to buy something cold to drink. My friends said that they would be waiting for me in a park near the shop. The shop was small so I found the bottle of cola quickly. I paid for it at a checkout and I wanted to get back to my friends but I couldn’t open the door. Although another person wanted to open the door, they also weren’t able to do it. Suddenly there appeared men in black. I couldn’t call my friends because I left the mobile in a hotel room. They were talking with each other. But I didn’t know about what. An hour later the door was opened. And I came back to my friends who were very nervous. Then I got to know that one man had taken something and wanted to run away. Security had closed the door to catch the thief. I didn’t come back to that shop anymore.