Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Our planet is dying. What can we do?

A lof of people all over the world dont save the water,air and other wonders of nature. We dont like think to about future. We know that our planet is destroying by ourselves. Each the woman likes , no! they love perfumes. In each home, school, office use to cars wash, day by day. We instead take out the trash on sidewalk, but we can take out it to rubbish bin, where is place for things to recycling. If each person try save to the water we`ll can say:"I`m adorable." The biggest of pollution in the world are cars, lorries, and other vehicles. So we really CAN! save our planet, but we still dont do it. Instead drive to car , you shall ride a bike. SO just do it. People shall found to more ecological cars. The firm "ozon friendly" help our planet and making perfumes, which isnt destoying nature. Stopping production of deodorants- Killers of the world.