Dear Zosia

I'm spending my holiday in Bora-Bora islands. They are situated on the equator near the west of Africa. I'm having a fantastic time. Fortune smiled on me because I'm staying at the only hotel island, on last free site. At the moment i'm eating a banana and writing this postcard to you.

The weather is hot, and perfect for swimming in the ocean. When the wind is blowing I surfing. Every evening I watch the sunset. This is stunning and I made many photos of it. I spend most of time climbing on the rocks at the seaside.

Pigmeys who on Bora-Bora lives are very friendly and kind to me. Ancestors of Pigmeys were kanibals and they're here for ages. Most then tend to be short, with black hair and dark, brown eyes.

The food is delicious. Pigmeys like eating fish and seafood, especially shrimps, lobsters and cancers. They prefer also exotic fruit for example bananas, coconuts and mango. I adore fresh fruit.

Next month I'm going to Bytom so I hope you'll receive this before I get home. I think you should come here next year. I'm sure you would love it.

See you soon
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear mother and father,

Hello from Greece. I'm in Rhdes. It's beautiful place - you must see it one day. The weather is very nice and we have a great time! My friend and I are staying at the fastastic hotel - Rodos Park Suites Hotel.

We were in Kalithea Spa on Tuesday. Yesterday we walked around the old town. Maria bought some fantastic souvenirs. There are a lot of things that we haven't done yet. We haven't visited the Archaelogical Museum and we haven't been in the Hydrobiological Institue yet. We are going to visit the museum tommorow afternoon and we are going to go to Hydrobiological Institue on Friday. I want to see many different fish.

We'll return to home on the 2nd September, so I 'll see you then.

Take care