Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jackie,
i must share with you something because it still worries me. 4 days ago I saw Gina's brother, Colin in a shop. He was stealing food...I couldn't believe my eyes. I haven't no idea that they've got financial problems.
I stalked to him and asked what is he doing. He was in a shock and he turned pale. I take food, which he tried to steal and I went to the till and just paid.
After he just bursted out crying. I took him to the park and i tried to talk with him. He sad his parents lost a job, they don't have a livelihood. I couldn't believe.
Jackie I must help them. I can't leave them alone with that problems. Please, advise me what I must to do.
Your xyz

Hi Sylvie
You can't imagine how nervous I am! Oh god...My best friend, Tanya is copping my homework all the time. She will have 1 in Math.
It still worries me because she think it's not a problem for her. She would like to do homework yourself because she don't know anything in tests. I tried to explain her everything but she didn't let me. I give her my homework when she want but I don't want to do it. Please, advise me what I must to do. Your xyz
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