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My day

Every day I get up at seven o'clock. I wash my face, brush my teeth anh hair and put on my clothes. Then I have breakfast. My mum makes breakfast for my sister and me. I do not like a very big breakfst so I eat cereal with milk or yoghurt and I drink a cup of cocoa. My sister likes toast with jam or cheese and orange juice. My mum gives me a snack to school. If is usually a packet of crips and an apple or a banana. I put them in my schoolbag and kiss my mum goodbye. Then my dad, my sister and me get into our car and drive off. We wave 'goodbye' to my mum. She walks to work. I get to school at about 7.40 and my dad drives my sister to the nursery school.
This is how my day ends. I think that I'm a very busy child but my childhood is happy and very interesting.