1. I can swimmen.
2. I am young.
3. You are a doctor.
4. She is very pretty.
5. I have two dogs.
6. He has beautifule cat.
7. I can run.
8. They are students.
9. You are my friends.
10. I have 12 years old.
11. We are the champions.
12. You can't climb.
13. I go to school.
14. My name is Ola.
15. I'm from Poland.
16. You can't write.
17. I reading book.
18. Her name's Karolina.
I am terminator. Jestem terminatorem.
I will back. Wrocę.
I'm doing my homework.Robię zadanie domowe.
I can play guitar.Mogę grac na gitarze.
He is sleeping.On śpi.
She is reading a book.Ona czyta ksiazke.
They found big cave. Oni znaleźli dużą jaskinie.
Ola is surfing internet.Ola serfuje w internecie.
He is playing computer games.On gra w gry komputerowe.
She is singing. Ona śpiewa.
We are watching TV.Oglądamy telewizje.
I'm eating hot-dog. Jem hot doga.
Adam is tolking to the phone.Adam rozmawia przez telefon.
He is in the school. On jest w szkole.
I'm writing letter to my grandmather. Piszę list do mojej babci.
I'm going to the cinema. Idę do kina.
I'm smiling. Uśmiecham się.
I'm riding a bicycle.Jezdze na rowerze.
1). Sun is yellow.
2). Sugar is sweet.
3). Dog is my favourite pet.
4). I don't like school.
5). I love watch televishion.
6). I have got a brown wardrobe.
7). I have in home seven rooms.
8). My school starts at 8:00.
9). I have a sister.
10). Blue is my favourite colour.
11). I very like ice-creams.
12). There's a pen on the desk.
13). There are eleven boys is my class.
14). I like play the piano.
15). I love chat on line and surf the net.
16). I hate horrors.
17). I love holidays.
18). I am a girl.