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Me and my help guys found the gold. We were very, very lucky - because it's not really easy.. This gold isn't big or shiny. It's just small and it's got original shape - it's not round or square. Gary, my friend, who will never find gold, said, it's not gold.. but what does he know about it!? He's not very clever and inteligent. I am very happy now. I'm interesed in finding gold , because it's dangerous and very excited. I think someone, who buy (or the worst thing - steal) doesn't know how the gold is expencive. It's my all life to finding gold and I love this work. My friends think I'm crazy I am doing it.. But I think they're silly. Gold is very expensive - aspecially for me.
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Dear Diary, 11.05.1965

Today I find gold ! I can recount you. It was like this :
I go to the mine with my Betty (pick) and I see my friend Robert.
He say :
-Today, we've got a lot of work - say with sad
But it isn't death my happiness. We go to the work, Robert with sad and I with happiness. We pick and pick. When I have a lot of might I do a very mighty pick and... I find gold. I start fast picking. When Robert see it he start fast picking too. But it isn't enjoy me.
I hurt him and say :
-It's my gold and I don't give you it - I say angry
He hit me and say
-It's our mine and I can pick it too - he say
We start hitting. When I be very agresive I remove knife he stop hiting but I kill him. When he fall down I see a bible in his trousers. I say in my head :
-I kill civilas for a gold. What I do ?! I'm hopless. I can't life with it.
I back to home with sad. My family say :
- Why are you sad ?
I don't answer. To today I have this gold and bloody knife.

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First we were full of hope but soon we realised that searching for gold isn't so easy as we thought it is. For many days we were digging. I considered leaving this godforsaken place. No wonder the gold rush didn't reach this town if there's no gold! It was very hot day when Rob - and he was so excited! - shouted at me that he found something that is probably gold. I couldn't believe it! But he held a real nugget in his hand. When he brought it, it looked rather like an usual stone but when we washed it... We were amazed by color, shape, texture of that bauble. It was sparkling in light of the Sun. I have never seen something so beautiful in whole my life. We just stood there for, like 5 minutes? and looked at that piece of metal like it was out greatest treasure. However, maybe it was that time...
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