Mam napisać opowiadanie pod tytułem "a lucky escape" że niby coś się żle dzieje ale się dobrze kończy czy coś wtym stylu bla bla bla (na środę 20.01.10) 120-180 słów


(Para 1) Set the scene [who, were, when and what]

Main body
(Para 2-4) Develop the story [describe what happened, put events in the order they happened

(Para 5) End the story and say how the people felt



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nie wiem czy o to Ci chodziło ale to jest moja wersja :)
It my worst day wednesday last. It has been begun from it, that I have been late on bus and I must pad. When lesson for school 3 come pass exactly. I have made it in time have managed to do on time on p-e but my class played leg. I have obtained to face ball and it has carried away me on research doctor. When I have returned to house mum and they have prepared surprise dad me .Dobrze, that end of day was happy.
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