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zdanie z (w czasie Present Perfect ): become - stać się , built - budować , chosen - wybierać , got - dostawać , kept - trzymać , lost - gubić , put - kłąść , sold - sprzedawać , sat - siedzieć , worn - nosić .

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I have become famous when i started to sing.
My dad has built our home.
I have chosen my school
I have got a new tv
I have kept a good feeling
I have lost my keys
I have put it on the table
I have sold my compter
She has sat at the chair
I have worn a new clothes
My brother has become a policeman.
My dad has built our home.
My sister has chosen this song for her boyfriend.
I got 2 CD' s on my 18th birthday.
My aunt has kept an umbrella.
I've lost my keys.
I have put a book on a table.
A clerk has sold 2 cars.
I have sat in front of her house.
My brother hasn't worn his life jacket.
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