Potrzebuje napisac 15 zdan jak spedziałam dzień po angielsku

zwroty ktorych trzeba urzyc:

have: a shower, have a rest breakfast, a drink, a bath
go: to work/school, to bed, out to dinner, home
catch: the bus, the train, a taxi, a ferry
do: some paperwork, the housework
answer: the door, the phone, e-mails, letters
make: the bed, breakfast/lunch/dinner
take: a fax, vitamins, a break, photographs
watch: TV, the news, a video
play: computer games, board games, the radio, cards, records, golf



I woke up at 7 in the morning. First, I took a shower, ate breakfast later. Dressed. I went on the bus who goes to school. After school I went to the library homework. When I returned home I called it to a friend to bring the came, ate and took vitamins I watched news on TV. A friend came along with her and watched pictures and getting on a taxi we went to play golf. After a long bath in the evening I went to prepare dinner for himself and my sister, which had just arrived. I ate together at close to hand funny film on video. Later we went to the room to drink. Wroted all letters and messages that filled the in our mailbox. It was already late. Tired and turned the radio. Went to bed. I fell asleep.

rowno 15. :)
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