Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My holiday was excellent and relaxing.
I went by the sea in( wpisz tu jakies iasto nad morzem).
the weather was very good and sunny.
by the sea blew mild wind.
i swam in sea and i took sunbathe on the beach.
the water in the baltic sea was nice and warm.
i and my family walked coast of sea.
i visited my grandparents in warsaw.
i went to the shop and cinema.
when i have returned to house from my grandparents , when was ugly weather, i was read a book and watched tv.
i met my friend and we rode a bike and rollerbrades.
we went to swimingpool and we played excellently.
I spent summer holidays in an interesting way. I was with my uncle in London. Before I went to London, then rode to the lake. In mid-August I went to London. There was a large garden. Helped to cultivate backyard. was an easy job but fascinating. In my spare time I walked around the city. It was my longest trip abroad. I returned home happy and relaxed. I will be remembered long and thoughtful these beautiful moments.