Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
15th of Febuary, 2008
What a terrible day! In the morning I overslept and missed my bus. So I was in school too late. On the first lesson, I mean- maths, my class had an exam. Great. My knowledge about the subject was really small. When a teacher gave me a test, I was quite sure, that I will get a very bad mark. So.. I had begun my new term in school very "nice". Later, on a Polish lesson we had a short test. Of course I didn't know anything about it. And I didn't remember anything at all. After school- sweet home. Sweet home?! God, what a terrible mess everywhere! In a kitchen- a lot of dirty plates, spoons on the floor. In my room- a lot of clothes on my bed. Hey, when I left home, the room was clean! Maybe my cat did it? No, it's impossible. And of course I had a lot of homework. I was really sleepy during the whole day. I fell asleep in the middle of the night on my desk. Why me? By the way: "In the middle of the night"- it's a title of a quite nice song. Well..

Prosze o naj . Jest to moje stare zadanie za które dostałem 5 + !!
.........................................................24th of July 2007, Thursday
This day began quite ordinarily, as everyone other. He was it is Thursday. The plan of the today was so as usual, that is: J. English, Biology, Geography, PE, PE, J. of Poland and the Musician. How I already called nothing interesting earlier they didn't herald, but perhaps I am saying this way, because I went today on 7: 10. So I slept about 7.5 of hours. I got up c 6: 15, I got dressed, quickly I ate my breakfast, I packed myself and I made up a bed. For me a little time stayed, so I enclosed the computer. In the Internet nothing interesting was, after behind the fact that a next version entered the market of some stupid game. I looked at the clock, I dressed shoes, jacket, hat and "on szybciora" I ran out of the house. I was in time for a tram. At school it still kept quiet.
First English, so I repeated the last lesson and well because for you I was overcome with her for the response. I got a good mark completely, because "- 4". Then quickly Biology flew down, and since I had the done task for you gave it to me "+". At this school geography was an object worst and the most started to hate, but he can because e.g. she didn't let you correct tests itp. Fortunately for you she probably liked me, because she gave me in the end "2 +". On two I got the PE "5" for the activity and I am pleased with this evaluation. J. of Poland it is my favourite subject so the lesson passed nicely, particularly that our class very much likes this woman, and for you he likes us. The music isn't also difficult. During this lesson I got "4" for the test and "5" too 3 "+" which I gathered together for a long time. I think that I will remember this day to the end of my days, and these evaluations will be remembered in the daily newspaper of the second class of the secondary school.