Last Christmas I was with my family. I helped my mum with cooking traditional dinner.I love Christmas. My younger sister was singing carols ,while I was waiting for first star. When first star appeared we sat and started eating dinner.I was talking with my father, while my sister was eating mushroom soup. He told me that his gift for me had to be special, because in last year I really improved my english.Then I was wondering what it could be. It turned out to be a bicykle. I have dreamt about it for ages.Later I couldn't concentrate and I was absent-minded, so I have no idea, what my sister got from our parents. My dad gave to my mother beautiful neckless. My sister said that she was jealous.My parents kissed up under the mistletoe. Then we went to our grandparents. They were very happy to see us.On Christmas Eve, no one should be alone.On 25th I was with my family in the church. The Mass was long, but I wasn't bored. In New Year's Eve I didn't go to sleep. I was dancing all night with my girlfriend. I drunk a glass of champagne and I had a great time. I haven't made any new year's resolutions, because I'm not consistent and I always break my resolutions.
To jest napisane trochę byle jak i z błędami, ale jest.