Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
EX 2
2.the most destructive are earthquake,hurricane and lightning.
3.in my country are blizzard,storm,hailstones.
EX 3
lava -lawa
snow- śnieg
rock -skała
gas- gas
1. lava and gas,rock
3. a
4.no it isn't
Ex 5
1. on may 15th 1980.
2. it destroyed everything in the area
3.1.00. times bigger than mount ST.helens
4.beacouse there were under 35 cm of ash
5.it's was dark,cold and raining.
6.it's not mountains ,they are under the earth.
ex 6
1. exacly -approximatley
2. dormant- active
3. created- destroyed
4. appeared - desappeard
5. warm - cold
6. fantastic - terrible
EX 7
1. yesterday it was cold and sunny
2. last summer it was sunny but rainny
3.it was windy and cold.
1. I think that the article is fraghtening beacouse the super voolcanos are dangerouse.
2.yes they are beacouse if humans haven't got enaught food they will die.
3.i don't think beacouse if there will be more vocano eruphtion more humans will die.
teks ogólnie rzecz biorąc jest o wulkanach , o ich wybuchach i szkodach .