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I think Warsaw is better than a village since.
There's a nice atmosphere.
I like it because there are commercial centers.
everything is at hand.
Do not be dirty.
In warsaw different climate.
There is no other smell there.
I like to Warsaw, because there simply grew up and is big.
You can have lots of friends.
You can buy everything there.

daj naj. teraz please
1.In Warsaw is many shops.
2.In Warsaw is fast internet.
3.In Village is boring.
4. In Warsaw is many attraction.
5 In Warsaw we can met interesting people.
6. In Warsaw is much jobs.
7. In Warsaw is biggest chose school.
8. In Warsaw is many museums.
9. Warsaw is beautiful city.
10. In Warsaw is better transport.
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1.Warsaw is from village fajniejsza as this big city is.
2.It is in Warsaw stores a lot.
3.Warsaw has antiques a lot.
4.This big city is.
5.Has churches a lot and full streets
6.This beautiful city is.
7.It live in it people a lot.
8.Museum of Warsaw revolt is placed .
9.Has beautiful (fine) rivers.
10.Has houses a lot and buildings.
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