Imagine you are helping to prepare for one of for one of these events:
- a family party
- a brithday celebration for one of your friends
- a goodbye party for a teacher wgo is leaving the school
( jedno z tych)

Write an email to a friend and tel him/her what is happening.

Z góry dzieki.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Brian!
How's going? Sorry we didn't talk for a long time.
I'm so busy these days because i prepare a brithday celebration for my the best friend. Everything must be perfect. My idea is party in beach climate cause she loves beach. I was thinking about big tent in my garden and outside sand. it would be amazing! inside will be big bar a lot food nobody will be hungry and in the centre great dancefloor nobody will be bored. We will eat seafood and drink fresh juice. Music salsa, samba or something like that. I think she will like it! What do you think about it? I'm waiting for your answer.
Bye Bye
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Familly party!!

Invitation for especially familly party !! This party will in the 20th March 2010.
My tel.53258865

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