I'm going to talk about woods destroted It's most important issue, because forest are fabricate oxygen, which we breath. In orderwas better, we must protect woods and save paper.
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1)2) Global warming is the most important ecological problem these years. It causes the growth of the annual temperature, changes in incidence of glaciers, as well as changes in level of oceans, amount of rainfalls, intensity of weather effects and extinction of animals and plants.

3) The situation could be improved if we stop using some aerosols and exchange harmful freons used in coolers and refrigerators for another, harmless gas.
Other useful suggestion would be not to leave the electrical gadgets on when we don’t need it. We should also do not waste so many energy.

pisałam kiedyś wypracowanie na ten temat, gdyby coś więcej było potrzebne to pisz, wybrałam tylko te najważniejsze rzeczy