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Do you ghost stories? Why/ Why not?

I like/ don`t like ghost stories because....

i tu trzeba zaznaczyć i napisać dlaczego się nie lubi duchów lub dlaczego się lubi duchy>

proszę o szybką i pełną odpowiedz!;)



I don`t like ghost stories because they are scary and when somebody tell me about ghost I scaret go out.
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I love ghost stories .It is really excited and interested.
I like ghost stories because they are brutal and terrible.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A lubisz? :)

Ja lubię.

I like ghost stories because they are scary. It's not, obviously, something you'd read before sleep while drinking hot chocolate. Ghost stories are perfect, though, for scaring your friends on the roadtrip, sitting around bonfire. But that's the great thing about ghosts - everybody knows that they don't exist, so you don't become too much scared after all.
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