Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was at the cinema with my best friend.We were watching movie when I heard terrible voice.I forgot to say that the movie was take place at the old church.I started scream and my friend too.Everything around us made in blue.I thought that It must be an Apocalipty so I started to pray.Sudenly I saw big,green ald wooden man with nudlle on his head.He said
-What that comming over the hell.It is been a monster.
When I heard it i Started to laught.It was awords from my sisters favourite song.
And then I woke up.It was only a dream.And my sister were listening this song really lought.
I went to school.My best friend said that she really want to go to a cinema.So we wejnt there.But when I startet to wath this movie a sow old church and terrible voice.But now It weren't a dream.,
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