Wstaw czasowniki w odpowiedniej formie czasu Present Simple lub Continous:
My driving course _______ (go) well and, to my
surprise, _______________(enjoy) it very
much. Harry and Liz, who run the driving school
in my area,_______________(seem) very
professional. But what I like most about them is
that they_____________(feel) like friends
rather than teachers. I know I'm making a lot of stupid mistakes (still!) but they keep saying: 'Don't
worry. You_ (learn). Everybody
_____________(need) to go through this stage'.
They always ___________ (concentrate) on
the positive and_________(support) me
in every way.
It's great that Anna from my school
____________(do) the course with me.
At the moment we ___________
(practise)different driving manoeuvres. Anna
_____________(find) them really difficult but
she _______________(get) better and better.
________________(think) we will both pass our
driving test in March.

Mam to rozwiązane, jednak nie wiem czy dobrze. Proszę o szybką pomoc ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. is going
2. I enjoy
3. seem
4. feel
5. are learning
6. needs
7. concentrate
8. support
9. is doing
10. are practising
11. find
12. is getting
13. I think
8 2 8