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Tinkers Island is a fictional story, set in 1798, and revolves
around a teenage girl with her father who is falsely accused
of theft. It shows how she reacts and survives the incidents
that occur to them one after another.
It was 1798 in London. A thief ran into Sam
Tinker and passed a watch to him. The police thought
Sam was the thief and arrested him. This was the era of
convict transportation; thieves were sent to Australia in big
ships. Jenny, Sam’s daughter, pretended to be a boy and
got work on the ship where her father was a prisoner. Six
weeks later Jenny rescued Sam, and they escaped in a small
boat. After five days they found an island.
Pages 8–15: Jenny and Sam made their new house on the
island. They called the island ‘Tinkers Island.’ For the first
year they were very happy, but then Sam was bitten by a
snake and became weak. One day a big ship came to the
island. Jenny and Sam got on this ship to start a new life,
saying goodbye to Tinkers Island.

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