Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On the picture there is a woman with long her she is dancing with a man in a blue suit.The man has a rose in his mouth.Some people are watching them.The man and the woman are both very happy.
I can see someone making a photo and a DJ playing music.Everyone are having fun.
There are a lot of people. Everybody is dancing and smiling. I think it's party. Mayby wedding, because a man in the foreground wears suit. In the middle of this pictures are two people who dancing together.
On the picture I can see a dancing couple. Probably it's a disco or ballroom hall. On the mainground, young handsome man in blue suit and with rose in mouth is holding a lady in polka-dotted yellow dress. She also wears elegant yellow shoes. They are enjoying with dance. Other people are starring on them. Young girl is taking photo and boy in the top of the picture is calling to someone. Others are suprised, impressed of their dancing skills.