Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Old and all well-known proverb that says "Home Sweet Home sweet home." Everyone knows that this is true. With great joy we return from distant travel, we yearn for your desk, bed, peace. People coming into the age of adulthood have to decide where the house is to be found: in the countryside or in town? Answer to this question is very difficult. Although the village has much to offer I prefer the city because it offers us a broader perspective.
First, the city can find a better paid job worthy of our education. Work in which we will pursue, which will give us the possibility of promotion or trips abroad. Decent living conditions for families. So what you dreamed of seeking education.
Secondly, the city offers us better access to cultural institutions. At any time we can go to the theater. The cities are also many cinemas, which offer you a wide selection of movies, not only for the elderly. Often are organized various concerts and festivals. Thus we can see the stars live, listen to music in the countryside where we could only listen to CDs.
Another argument is the education that we can adapt to their abilities. Often choose a school according to interests and skills. The city is possible. Most schools employ highly educated teachers, who with great commitment to communicate their knowledge to the younger generation.
Another thing that I would like to raise is the communication space. Most cities are already so developed that it's easy to move without their own car. Metro allows us to bypass traffic jams, this is the fastest communications network. To any place easily accessible by bus or tram. Stops are almost everywhere. Buses run very frequently, so unlikely that it did not reach the set position.
As a final argument to quote purchases. Often, when we cook something, something lacking. In the city we have made possible the rapid and good shopping. Almost every corner is a shop. If you want to go to buy more, we go to Market, where we find everything we need to. Not only is a lot of grocery stores. The lack of clothes shops, or some sort of accessories you can not complain in the city. Everything is within easy reach.
Taking into account the arguments put forward once again say that the city is a better place to locate your home and yourself. Gives us more opportunities.