My favourite food is fruit salad. I like apples, grapes, oranges, bananas and cherries. In fruit salad are this fruits so I like this food.
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Most of people in poland like junky food. One of food in Poland is potatos with cutlet and pig-iron.
In the resturant most of people eat pig-iron, vagatable and hot chiken and hot dish. In coffehouse
most of people eat cold dish like: tea, ice cream etc. and cofee too. In free time after school
children goes to mcDonalds and eat junky food such us: hot dog , chrips, cheseburger etc.

Nie daje głowy że dobrze!
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Pizza is my favourite dish. I eat it quite often, but in small amounts. My favourite kind of pizza is Margherita. I don't like pizza with garlic nor onion. In my opinion pizza is a tasty dish for any occasion.
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