Muszę odpowiedzieć na 2 pytania z 4.Bardzo prosze o pomoc.

1. Do you see any advantages for Polish people being tourists? Why yes/not?

2.How can the hotel industry develop?

3. Will tourism influence the level of catering services?

4. Which areas in Poland can develop or need to develop faster as tourism regions?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. In my opinion, are the benefits of Poles coming to the Polish tourists. Firstly, we have the possibility of contact with foreigners, we learn to be tolerant, sometimes we can practice our foreign language. We learn to appreciate and accept the otherness of these people: different color, different looks, different culture and different language.

3. It seems to me that tourism has a big impact on catering services. After all, every tourist after visiting the things he is hungry and wants something to eat. Comes somewhere in the bar which influences the development of catering services.

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