Załącznik 1
Zad. 5.
I see in this picture a group of fans soccer match. They are very shocked and scary. All people have facees are printing nationality colours. The men wear scarf on his neck. They watching missed a goal.

Zad. 7.
1)Hi Jack!
I invite you to my birthday. Party is started at 7 o'clock in club "Rdza". I hope that you arrive.
2)Good morning Mr. Finally,
I will invieted you to my match soccer which started at 12 o'clock.
3)Hi Lola!
I invite you to camp sports. The camp started 11.06.2010 and finish 20.06.1010
4)Hi Beenhacker!
I invite you to my school exhibition about our championships. I please signature on the cheque.

Załącznik 2 i 3
Zad. 3b
-Hi Cindy. I have two tickets to the conert Linkin Park
-Oh my God, it'ś absolutely crazy!

Załącznik 4
Zad. 7.
1)In future I hope that I will be a lawyer.
2)I can't stand eat candys.
3)I offen spend time on the running in forest.
4)I enjoy watch TV.
5)I never manage money in our house.

Załącznik 5
Zad. 2.

Tamtych nie wiem ;/
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In this picture I can see a group of fans on a stadium while a match I think. They are standing because they're so excited. They have scarves, shirts and their faces are painted in team's colours I suppose. They look very shocked, perhaps a player missed a goal or someone lost points in the last minute.

1. I want you to come for my birthday party next Saturday at 6 p.m. Please, come if you have free time on Saturday.
2. I am invating you for our match. It will be at 5 o'clock. It will be pleasure if you come.
3. Do you want to take part in the sports camp? It will be great if you do. It lasts one week. Think and tell me your answer.
4. Dear Mr Smith. We will be honoured if you come to see our sports achievements. Please, call if you decide to come.

-I think she did wrong chasing him. It was absolutely mad!
-What are you talking! It was absolutely crazy, but she did right.

-This car it's much too expensive for me.
-Yes, I also could never afford it.

-Do you want to play rugby?
-No, I prefer something a little less dangerous. I like safer types of sports.

-I have got a new bicycle!
-I'd love to give it a go! Let's go.
-OK.I also would like to try it out!

-How long are you going to be in the village?
-I don't know. Perhaps some time in the future - maybe one day.

In the future I hope to have good-paid job.
I can't stand quarrelling and fighting.
I often spend time watching TV.
I enjoy baking cakes.
I never manage to do a bungee jumping.

I like difficult challenges.
I enjoy the thrill of high speed.
I also like the b of adrenaline.
Many people find extreme sports stressful.
I'm not a very competitive person.
I'd like to g everything new a go once.
Many people are scared of heights.