In the winterferie I was in Italy. I slept in the big hotel. I skied .
I also swam on the swimming pool.I ate a lot of sweets. I rang to my parents.
When I came to house I was very happy , because I saw my cat.
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Oczywiście zrobisz to swoimi słowami. Np. byłam u babci na wsi , Przyjechały do niej moje kuzynki . Zucałyśmy sie śnieżkami albo pojechałas z rodziną do Zakopanego albo gdzies gdzie są góry cos takiego podobnego.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
This year, my holidays were very successful.
Together with my friend to play great.
In the first week we went on holidays, snowboard camp.
Although the two did not know how to ride it was fun.
We had a wonderful coach, taught us how to ride a snowboard.
We were in the possession of a very beautiful and well-kept cottage.
We saw great views of the mountains, frosted icicles and ice tree top views of the boys.Unfortunately, this week passed very quickly, but stuck in my memory.
When we returned home, also had a great playing.We went to the rink, We went to the rink, mold iglo, exit on the sledge.And many other interesting games.It is a pity that the holidays have passed so quickly.But I hope he spends the next holidays interesting as these.


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