I was bored.
I ate some chips.
I drove my car.
I drank coca cola.
I broke my leg.
I bilt a house.
I cut my finger.
I had a dream.
I woke up at 7 am.
I put it on the desk.
Yesterday i was in the cinema.
You were reading a book.
He was angry with me.
My mom was singing.
We were in the shop.
I was happy thanks to him.
He was going to the trip.
I was riding by bus.
They were young.
It was small.
I was ate big breakfast.
I broke my leg yesterday.
My dad was drove a car three day ago.
I was in cinema two days ago
I cut my finger
I was drank orange juice.
My brother was woke up a ten o clock.
We were in the kindergarten month ago.
I had a test yesterday
She was in cinema two days ago.

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