Twoja rodzina przeprowadziła się do nowego mieszkania napisz list do koleżanki z Londynu termin i przyczyna przeprowadzki opisz pokój i wyposażenie salonu opisz okolice i lokalizacje mieszkania zaproś do siebie i powiedz jak można tam dojechać pomóżcie



Colleague Way!
I moved to a new location, namely, to Warsaw.
It was exactly one week ago.Imagine realize that a week ago I spent my last moments in my old home.Cause was that my father found a new job and no money for everyday journeys so after careful deliberation and calculation of the parents deduced that as a step to Warsaw to come out cheaper so I'm now in Warsaw.
Warsaw to the large and beautiful city.Slowly it knows, and learn safely after move.W around the city is a lot of small towns where people come here to Warsaw after shopping.Na event arranged by the end of a great beauty.Is there beautyfull.Have round table and the table is dark brown sofa.Next four chairs made of real wood colored blue because the walls are also blue.Segments the match to the sofa because they are dark brown.Don't know what you tell.Write even more that I'm very excited.I want you to invite you to come to me in a month when everything will be thoroughly equipped and ready to accept that in reaching traffic.Ithink you will not have problem.Best Fly plane because Warsaw is a beautiful large airport.Contact with you or call you to me you call when you intended to fly me come.Then possibly go out to the airport when you eventually stop and you receive or phone call and I give the address but I think it would be better as you have purchased directly from bus stop.Not I give my exact address because you'll find it here on the envelope . I greet you warmly and cordially invite you once again for me for about a month.

Nie wiem może się pomyliłam ale ja tez jestem człowiekiem i mogę się pomylić.