Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
ZAD. 1
1. better, the best
2. faster, the fastest
3. more energetically, the most energetically
4. harder, the hardest
5. more clearly, the most clearly
6. more carefuly, the most carefuly

ZAD. 2
1. faster
2. more patient
3. the most accurately
4. stronger
5. the best
6. better
7. the most intelligent
8. the fastest
9. more correctly
10. more intelligent

ZAD. 3
1. than he used to be
2. as it was when I bought it
3. she was as a child
4. than I was before
5. than five years ago
6. than it used to be

ZAD. 4
2. That's the most exciting film I've ever seen.
3. This is the most unreliable car we've ever bought.
4. He's the funniest man she's ever worked with.
5. That's the most expensive present he's ever received.
6. That's the nicest thing you've ever said.
7. That's the best meal I've ever eaten.

ZAD. 5 (challenge)
I am stronger than Monika, but Marek is the strongest.
I run faster than Michał, but Maciek is the fastest.
I'm the most intelligent of all the girls, but Paweł is more intelligent than me.
I'm nicer than Maciek and Paweł, but not the nicest of all.
I can dance more beautifully than Monika and Justyna.
I don't park better than any of the boys in the class.