Prosze o pomoc! nie mam pojecia o angielskmim;/

Napisz 12 zdan o programie jakim lubie ogladac.
ps .napisz o progranie "filmy przyrodnicze "
I dlaczego to lubie?

prosze napisac po angielsku ;( prosze o pomoc bedzie mnie napewno pani pytac;/ :(



My favourite TV channel is National Geographic. It's because I like a lot watching documentaries about animals and nature. You can get to know many valuable information about wild life in our planet. It's really very interesting. I can watch it for hours. Sometimes I do it with my family. Even my parents, who are rather against spending time in front of TV, say this channel is worth watching. And i think it's much more than this. In my opinion it's just amazing! I'm happy there are such TV programmes.

mogę prosic o naj? ;)