Proszę napisac jak zmieni się transport i szkoła w przyszłości. Osobno o szkole i osobno o transporcie, Chciałbym aby była to dość obszerna notatka.

( co zmieni sie w szkole np. nauczyciela, jak bd wygladac budynki, ławki i zeszyty itp. itd.)

tranport jakie beda srodki komunikacji najnowsze, drogi, szybkość połączeń itp. itd.

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School ;) - szkoła

My sentence modern school should be always clean glittering as well as to have should considerable sizes it to it was can was in her teach more persons . Teachers will be mile , polite as well as indulgent in scientific relation , they should not ask also nor to do tests .
The school benches are neat always and clean from built-in electronic objective books for comfort of teaching oneself and the soft chairs how the pillow . Pupils not will had to carry to school heavy rucksacks , they will not be should the dusts of ill of spines So look modern school

Trnsport ;) - transport

The modern transportation will be more comfortable and also safer thanks to use of new cars as well as the weight vehicles . We will can move after roads with low vehicles or in air that is vehicles will be on wheels as well as flying tzw. .
Modernity of our roads will be comfort in moving road they will be ; safe , straight lines, will not be full of hole , and lights will be on every turning . Our railways will will move in air with strength of gravitation . And airplanes will be dusts better visibility during bad air conditions thanks modern lightings thanks y noeym things will oneself us better vein . Here how modern transportation will look .

Prosze ;)