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Garfield 2

Film critics are always being accused of having the world's jammiest job. It's true. Usually. Not in this case. I think I would rather watch a dozen live executions, back to back, concluding with my own, than sit through this again. In fact, I think I would rather execute the leading character: a cartoon cat. It's a staggeringly awful mix of animation and live-action about Garfield the unfunny American feline, who goes to Gorblimey-Engerland and gets mistaken for an unfunny posh Brit moggy, being victimised by a villainous lord, played by Billy Connolly, who takes unfunniness to a new level: warp factor unfunny.

Lucy Davis, from The Office, is in it. So are a number of other people, including Roger Rees. All are almost visibly concentrating on their fees. Garfield's voice is that of comedy superstar and icon Bill Murray, whose presence proves that no one is too talented and cool to do something absolutely abysmal for the money. Avoid.

abysmal- fatalny, beznadziejny
concentrate on- koncentrować się na
conclude (with)- kończyć (na)
factor- czynnik
fee- honorarium, opłata
feline- zwierzę z rodziny kotów
jammy- łatwy; atrakcyjny, fartowny, szczęśliwy
moggy- kot
posh- eksluzywny, wytworny
sit through- wysiedzieć do końca
staggeringly- szokująco, zdumiewająco
villainous- łajdacki
visibly- wyraźnie, widocznie
warp- wypaczenie
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