Zad 5
Jack doesn't like hamburgers or hot-dogs/
Does your sister speak english ?
Can Sam ride a bike?
Peggy hasn't got a pet.
Do you go to school on saturdays?
My parents don't watch tv every day.
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Zadanie 4
1. Does Tom live in Warsaw?
odp. Yes, Tom lives in Warsaw.

2. Does Mr. Watson work in a bank?
odp. No, Mr Watson does'n work in a bank.

3. Do Mike and Jim play baseball?
odp. Yes, Mike and Jim play baseball.

5. Do Samantha and Joe have got a red Ferrari?
odp. No, Samantha and Joe haven't got a red Ferrari.

6. Does your parent like computer games?
odp. Yes, my parents like computer games.

Zadanie 5

1. Jack doesn't like hamburgers or hot-dogs.
2. Does your sister speak English?