Proszę o napisanie rozmowy telefonicznej według takiego wzoru :
A : Answer the phone.
B : Ask for tickets. Give the name of the concert, the date and number of tickets. Adults or children ?
A : Say the prices of the seats that are available
B : Say which price of seat you'd like.
A : Tell the customer the total price. Ask for the customer's credit card number.
B : Give the numer.
A : Ask for the expiry date.
B : Give the expiry date.
A : Ask for the customer's adress.
B : Give your address.
A : Thank the customer and say when you will post the tickets.
B : Thank the clerk and finish the call.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: Yes?
B: I would like to buy two tickets for Avril Lavigne's concert for adults. It will be on Friday'19th February'2010 to Krakow.
A: Ok. One ticket in 4th floor is 40$, but seats on 10th floor cost 25$. Which one would you like to choose?
B: I'd like to have the 4th floor.
A: Ok it's 80$. What is your credit card number?
B: 1523697485120.
A: Which date would you like to choose?
B: I said that: Friday'19th February'2010.
A: And what's your address?
B: Coconut 28/5.
A: Thank you very much. The tickets will come by post to 5 days. Bye!
B: Ok. I will wait for them! Good bye!