Przeczytaj poniższe wypowiedzi 4 os.a następnie odp. na podane pyt. (1-6)wpisując odpowiednie literki w kratkach obok każdego pytania (A Justine,B Ellie, C Tess, D Anne)
Justine:Each of us wants to be beautiful and admired by others. But 'beautiful' means something different for everyone.Some people prefer being slim while pthers don't mind plump bodies .All depends on ourselves and we shouldn't imitate images of people who appear on TV or in popular magazines.We can look like we want-it isn't the most important thing in our lives.
Ellie: You don't have to be rich to be fashionable.Fashion is not about expensive clothes and jewellery, it's about being creative.You can make trendy skirts and T-shirts,or whatever you want, to be original-design you owen style.That's great fun and you can spend as little money as possible.Maybe one day you'll create a new line of fashion just like Coco Chanel? Just use your imagination!
Tess:You can be fashionable without spending lots of money. Trends in fashion often return,so it won't be a surprise if you find something really fashionable in your attic,among mother's old clothes.Another place where we can find such 'treasures' is a second-hand shop. And if you can't find anything anywhere,you can always make some clothes youeself or ask your grandmother.
Anne: I think fashion may ruin your own style.Fashion gurus make people wear the clothes they desing and make money on that business.They say: 'If you want to be fashionable,you must wear this and you mustn't do that '.Be free and happy with your own style.

Which person/people....................
1) says that other people can help us?.........
2)is very optimistic about the future?.........
3)talks about people's needs?.................
4)encourage us to design our own clothes?........
5)belives that trends repeat?...........
6)talks about people dictating trends?.........




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