• Użytkownik Zadane
` i'm going to my grandmother this tomorrow .
` i 'm not going to my uncel .

` i'm going to school trip on sunday .
` i'm not going to bed at half past nine on sunday .

`i'm going to funeral on next month .
` i'not goin to wedding on next month.

` I have a birthday for the next year .
` i not birthday for the next year .

6 i 7 nie wiem . sorry .

I'm going to go to the cinema tomorrow.
I'm not going to do my homework tomorrow.

3)on sunday
I usually go to church(kościół) on Sunday.
I 'm not going to the shop.

4)next month
I am going to pass my egzams next month.
I won't (przeczenie od will) go to the disco next month.

5)next year
I will have a big party next year.
I won't buy many things for christmas next year.

6)when i grow up
when I grow up I will be a teacher.
When I grow up I won't be a cleaner. ;-)

7)when I'm rich and famous
When I'm rich and famous I will writing autographs.
When I'm rich and famous I won't do stupid things.