Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Susan!
Thank`s for your letter. I have good message for you! I going to start in championship in London. There will be the best competitors. I am really happy. I thought that you can go with me. You will support me. Please! It will be brilliant time, I promise you.
After the championship we will go to the disco or park, won`t we? What do you prefer? I will be very happy, if you come.
I`m waiting and greeting :***.
Write soon. -XYZ

O hey Sara. I have very important meeting. I have to go out home. Can you stay in? It will be good.Don`t forget to give medicines for Mrs. Smith and feed my dog please. I will come back about 8p.m . Thank you ! Bye.
Hey Tom. I was waiting for you. Now, I have to go. I did shopping for us. I bought a bread, butter, carrots, milk, chips, chicken and rice. You can cook chicken with rice for your supper, if you don`t like this, you always can order a pizza. Moneys are in the cupboard near a window in kitchen . If I don`t come back before midnight you will take a shower, lock on home and go sleep.